WordPress Roadmap: What Users Can Expect in 2020-2021

May 18, 2020 | CMS, Sagenda, WordPress

While 2019 was the fabulous release year of Gutenberg, the new WordPress editing project, what does this popular CMS have in store for us? In fact, WordPress developed its own embedded editor in 2019 putting to shame well-known editors such as DIVI, Elementor or Avada. Moving forward, what are the future developments pushed by Automattic Inc. – the editing company behind WordPress?


The Gutenberg Editing Experience – Work in Progress

Indeed, the Gutenberg editor is a complex project that goes beyond one single version. As the main WordPress editor, Gutenberg will most likely experience several updates in its subsequent versions. Here’s what we already know about planned features:

  • A new block directory is underway similar to plugin and theme directories for discovering new blocks.
  • It will be possible to build new blocks for navigation menus and widgets.
  • Improved theme integration using the block editor will also be available.
  • A simplified version will enable collaboration on co-authored content projects.


Automatic Updates

In 2020, updates will be automatic with Automattic Inc. (pun intended). Only minor updates were automatic up until WordPress version 5.4 (i.e. the 3rd digit of version 5.4.X); however, subsequent major WordPress versions might also benefit from automatic updates. But there’s a lot more to come! Plugins and themes will also be automatically updated. Don’t worry, your consent will be asked in parameter settings.


Language and Translation

A roadmap to improve and streamline multilingual website editing has been developed, particularly concerning block editing. Is WordPress expected to embed a comprehensive translation system and give up plugins like Polylang or WPML? Or will users just enjoy a set of basic translation features? Time will tell.

I hope that the WordPress roadmap will be as interesting as it is currently; therefore, the entire team editing the Sagenda booking system is looking forward to test upcoming features.