Use Sagenda Stats for Extra Insight into Your Work

by | Mar 1, 2021 | Sagenda

Over the last years, Sagenda helped strengthen your efficacy every day. Thanks to the automatic booking software, no more time-consuming tasks affecting your productivity. No need to be glued to your phone with clients or answer endless emails to manage your reservations. Nevertheless, maybe it’s time we looked at your booking statistics.

Stats Are a Strategic Tool

Sagenda is now rolling out a statistic feature available for everybody free of charge. You can manage statistics directly from the mobile app or from website to have an overview of your reservation status over several days. Do you feel overwhelmed with work? Is there a slump in bookings during certain days? You can easily have a look at it from your own Sagenda account. You may anticipate seasonal occupancy peaks to avoid managing unexpected last-minute bookings. It’s easy-peasy just by assessing data in the long term.



 Reservation status

What Are Stats For?

Sagenda stats are a key monitoring tool accurately informing decision-making processes. All you need is an overview of reservations to define the marketing strategy while knowing the kind of services that require further promotion. For example, your stats feature displays the number of single or multiple reservations as well as the real-time occupancy rate. Thus, for piano classes, you already know the number of free slots at any given date. Therefore, you may assess whether bookings are more frequent during weekdays or weekends and plan bookable items accordingly.

And this is just the beginning! Feel free to drop us a line with your suggestions and we will further develop the stats feature according to your needs.