Timeline View on Your Sagenda Calendar

The timeline view is now available on your Sagenda calendar in addition to your classic agenda and calendar view. The display is probably one of the most important aspects of an online booking system. You can now enjoy not one, two or three, but up to four types of timeline display from your own Sagenda account.

Why should you use the timeline view? This new display feature offers greater flexibility indicating the event, reservations made and open slots, as well as the related date and duration. In addition to an agenda and calendar display, the timeline view offers a more linear, visual representation of duration either by timeline day, week, work week and month.

But what is the timeline view? If the agenda view displays a vertical list of events one after the other, the timeline view includes events chronologically but horizontally. The linearity of this timeline display allows better time management since you can visualize the extent of each event, including compared to the rest of events that may overlap.

We recommend using the classic (non-adaptive) calendar view with your timeline.

At Sagenda, we acknowledge that this timeline view is not necessarily for everyone. This feature was designed to meet a very specific need of a small group of Sagenda users; nevertheless, it was made available for everybody at no extra cost. This is one of the reasons why it is not enabled by default on your account. You can enable it directly from your account settings.

For any questions you might have, feel free to drop us a line.