E-commerce Portal Improves Productivity with Booking System

E-commerce Portal Improves Productivity with Booking System

Success Story: BetterGhar.com

Mithil Ajmera, founder of BetterGhar.com, accepted to share with us some of the reasons why Sagenda is his go-to online scheduling software. BetterGhar.com is India’s first e-commerce portal which provides end-to-end solutions for home improvement, right from inspection to helping customers buy products from the online store to installation services.

Mithil Ajmera, founder of BetterGhar.com

Sagenda Fulfills Scheduling Needs


BetterGhar.com is a start-up located in Mumbay, India with a revenue of USD 10,000 per month. The company is known across India for its ability to solve key problems pertaining to the home interior industry such as human resources, time, money, design, etc. While BetterGhar.com has its own in-house IT team, the company was not long ago looking for an online calendar which could be useful for scheduling events like inspection and installation. This is how they heard about Sagenda and decided to use it since August 2015. As a business tool, Sagenda turned out an online solution for simplified scheduling needs and increased productivity.


BetterGhar.com homepage

You’ve Asked, and We’re Listening!

As client feedback is essential to our business, we wanted to know what BetterGhar expects from our product in the future: more colorful templates and further development of our scheduling front page. It won’t be long before we get there. Ever since Sagenda was launched, our team is constantly developing Sagenda to better address client needs. Thank you for scheduling with Sagenda!

Sagenda is a free online booking system poised to improve the efficiency of businesses through simplified online customer processes. Whether it’s about renting, booking, setting an appointment or scheduling events, Sagenda strives to streamline operations, save time, and keep clients happy. Spanning a variety of industries, Sagenda is a cost-efficient online tool for e-commerce start-ups or SMEs and home interior is no exception.