Stripe for Online Payment of Sagenda Bookings

Use Stripe for online payment processing of your bookings! Sagenda has now diversified its online payment methods to meet the needs of our users.

In times of Covid-19, online payments have skyrocketed particularly due to international travel restrictions. Therefore, it is essential to come up with a reliable, safe, and diversified online payment environment. Furthermore, securing online payment of bookings and services is the most effective method of avoiding later disputes.

According to a recent study, 19% of internet users abandon their shopping cart citing lack of trust in online payment methods. This is the reason why we decided to end the PayPal monopoly for Sagenda online bookings by also adding Stripe as “payment gateway”. You may now collect your client payments as well as pay various Sagenda services using Stripe.

Emerging as the second online payment processor after PayPal, Stripe comes up with a fresh technology and a more modern graphical user interface. Furthermore, Stripe targets a diverse market, particularly due to its client transparency and flexibility. So, why not enjoy it at Sagenda as well?

Once activated the payment module from the module center, you may set up your Stripe payments.

Feel free to drop us a line for any questions or suggestions!