Sagenda Makes Online Scheduling Easier with Squarespace

New Year calls for less resolutions and better planning. Online appointment scheduling might be just what you’re looking for. At Sagenda, we’re keeping our promises of enhancing your strategic time management through better integration, cross-device flexibility and security. Do you want to change your CMS or web host? Don’t worry; Sagenda is now available for Squarespace users searching for a flexible scheduling or appointment system. You’ve got two options: add Sagenda to your Squarespace website or add a link from your website to your Sagenda page.

Add Sagenda to your Squarespace website

If you’re planning to integrate an appointment scheduler directly on Squarespace, this is a very simple procedure. Log in to your Sagenda account, copy your HTML code from the dashboard and paste it on your Squarespace website under ‘embed data’.

Add a Website Link to Your Sagenda Page

Just like Sagenda, Squarespace allows endless possibilities thanks to its easy user interface. If you would like to open the calendar view in another page or tab via an HTML link, select your Squarespace page, add a code block and an HTML code. Then, copy the URL code from your Sagenda account and paste it to replace the HTML code on Squarespace

Whichever you choose, we’re thrilled to help you out. Online scheduling is all about growing your business, improving communication and outsourcing appointment planning and scheduling so you take better care of your clients.

For further information about integration, please follow our step-by-step procedure on how to integrate Sagenda to Squarespace or our YouTube tutorial to help you with the process.

Have questions? Drop us a line and our support team will reach out.