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Sagenda can be easily integrated into your existing website by using a special plugin for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and others.

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Sagenda’s account is an amazingly simple and convenient online meeting and appointment scheduler that is offered to you absolutely FREE of cost. Free features are supplemented by additional modules offered as premium services.


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Just create a list of bookable items (i.e. various services that you offer) and events (available periods during which your items can be booked), then let your clients view the services you have on offer and choose availability for scheduling their meeting or booking.


Our online booking tool is 100% made for mobile. Every screen is built on responsive design so that it perfectly fits your smartphone, tablet or any exotic device you might own.

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Our free online appointment scheduling software sends email notifications for all bookings, confirmations and cancellations/reschedules. Give your customers a customized service each and every time!

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Mobile text alerts are essential to client retention especially since text messaging has a 90% open rate within 3 minutes from receipt on average.

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Sagenda allows you to edit text and button colors in order to match your existing layout giving your customers a complete integration experience.


Scheduling Calendar Registration

School Appointment Management System

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Primary schools and high schools rely on automated timetabling systems in order to coordinate students, teachers, classrooms, equipment and time slots. Sagenda is pretty straightforward as scheduling software providing structure, efficiency and staff productivity.

Classroom Scheduling

Students, teachers and parents alike have access to an school timetable offering a clear overview of subjects, assigned classrooms and timing in one place. At all times, parents and principals know where their children are located inside the school, which is both reassuring and efficient. Parents may pick up their children early from school without wandering aimlessly on halls and floors.

Automatic Timetabling

School timetabling doesn’t need to be a nightmare. Sagenda allows you to define the school timetable per grade level, teacher or student groups. Thus, the timetable may be determined in advance for the entire year using the recurrent scheduling feature based on available time slots and rooms. Timetabling applies both to classes and staff vacation, which can be booked way ahead. In case of conflicting priorities, the principal’s office decides which class takes precedence.

Parent Meeting Scheduler

Scheduling parent meetings can lead to successful educational and parenting events if the school uses an online appointment scheduler. Thus, both parents and teachers confirm their presence and know room location beforehand. Additionally, both receive customized SMS or email reminders to ensure attendance.

Scheduling Lab Equipment

Science classes usually require booking school equipment in advance. The principal’s office may define the type of equipment available at specific time slots. Once the booking is confirmed, teachers can be sure to use this equipment during the indicated time slots.

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Do you want to integrate Sagenda on your existing website, intranet or inside an application? Our public calendar is developed 100% in JavaScript being therefore compatible with all modern browsers. The responsive design technology allows a good fit for every screen.

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“This system allows me to become more efficient and responsive to my clients who no longer need to call to know the availability of my service.”
Dimitri Bondu

Owner, L'Albizia Discothèque - France

“Quick, clear and easy: We can only recommend it!”

Pascal Taramarcaz

Owner, Les 3 collines (cottage) - Switzerland

“Sagenda has helped us immensely in the business & has solved a few of our key problems.”

Mithil Ajmera

Founder, BetterGhar - India

“Since we introduced online booking for renting our vehicles, the UVG (Cycling Union of Geneva) enjoys an excellent tool to simplify the administrative work of managers while ensuring the integrity of the process and the visibility of our members.”

William Fracheboud

Vice-President, Cycling Union of Geneva - Switzerland

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