Sagenda Tutorial: How to Set Up the Booking System for B&B


This Sagenda tutorial will explain you how to configure Sagenda for room rental businesses (Bed and Breakfast, hotel accomodation, cottage rentals, etc).


First you need to create and activate your Sagenda account and Login. (URL to create account :

Bookable items

Bookable items are the elements that can be booked: for instance, if you’re active in the hospitality business and you own a Bed and Breakfast, this would refer to all your available rooms (or apartments, bungalows). Therefore, under “Bookable items / Add bookable items” enter all your rooms one by one. The name of the room can be either “Room 1” or “Room Lita”. The location is useful if you have multiple buildings and/or floors, and this can be marked like “Pavillon A, 2nd Floor, seaside view” or just enter an address as in: “234 Main Street” and use the Description area to give more information about the available accomodation.

Event Patterns

It is now time to add at least one event pattern. The event patterns menu of Sagenda allows you to add a customized pattern of your time management. That is, an event pattern refers to the minimum or maximum length of stay as well as to the frequency with which your clients can book your “bookable items”. So in this case, the event patterns indicate your available rooms. Choose the following: – Title: enter a description such as “Room Reservation”. – Time: most of B&B are booked per day so choose “All day”. – Length of stay (“From” and “To”): please choose the first day of availability (arrival) for your booking. In most cases, you can add today in both fields.  Warning : this is not the first and last day where your room can be booked, you can always repeat the process. This is just the minimal bookable amount of time (1 day). – Duration: check “This is a recurrent event”. – Repeat: select “Daily”, because every room can be booked each day. – Participation and Members: this allows you to let multiple clients or users book the same item, in most of the cases you will not use this feature for room reservations. Except maybe in the case of youth hostels or log cabins, where people have to share the same room or dormitory. – Bookable items: you can now select the bookable item(s) to which this event pattern should apply. If all your rooms are rented in the same way, you can select all of them. That’s it! You can now share your frontend with your customers either by:
  • sending them the link of the frontend;
  • or include it with an iFrame;
  • or install it in your CMS with a native plugin.
Visit the Sagenda frontend to learn more about its uses.

What’s next?

– Add a Sagenda plugin to your WordPress CMS: add a wp plugin to get our integrated booking system directly on your own website (WordPress native). – Add Sagenda to your Apple iWeb website: add a booking module to an Apple iWeb website.

Need more information?

Check our Sagenda FAQs or just drop us a line and we will follow up!