Sagenda Scheduling for iOS Is Now Available from the App Store

Sagenda is now launching its online scheduling app for iOS devices. Making online reservations has never been easier: from booking school classes, photography lessons to massage appointments, it’s all done online and most of it on mobile devices.

For mobile users, next is now: with 65% of online searches made on a mobile phone, launching an app on multiple operating systems is the thing to do. Even though iOS accounts only for 22% of the worldwide mobile market share, an iOS app grants access to a high-end segment of clients willing to spend more time and money on bookings or transactions.

An iOS app generates 83% more revenue compared to Android. Therefore, it makes sense to launch a Sagenda scheduling app for iOS considering the profit share on iOS is much higher. Furthermore, iOS is less time-consuming thanks to Apple’s user-friendly graphical interface.

Sagenda is an app that may be used across the entire iOS ecosystem. All you need to do is open the App Store, search for “Sagenda Scheduling” and click “Install” on your iOS device. Easy to use, Sagenda for iOS allows users to display their existing bookings or appointments. In the near future, additional features will be available such as real-time booking management for cancellation, removal or inclusion of new bookings.

Imagine you’re already on holiday away from your desktop: how convenient to edit or cancel your reservation right where you are. Get onboard and install “Sagenda Scheduling” for iOS from the App Store!


The best thing is that you don’t have to choose between Android and iOS. Sagenda for Android is also available for smartphone users so don’t forget to install “Sagenda Scheduling” from Google Play.