As most of our users have already noticed, has just revamped its website design not long ago. There are a couple of reasons why our team decided to overhaul the Sagenda website.

  1. Increased Popularity of Sagenda

First and foremost, we could not be more proud of the popularity our booking system has gained much through its WordPress, Drupal and iWeb users. Our team is delighted with the flurry of downloads we have had as well as with the increase in new users deciding to register on Sagenda.

  1. Website Must Meet the Needs of Users

At the same time, we have also noticed that our website must align itself to the growing needs of its community of users or clients. So, we chose to respond with a new design able to address multiple needs.

  1. Fresh Design, Overhauled Content, Increased Accessibility

Moreover, the team of Sagenda values your response, and tries to get the most from your suggestions and input. We had plenty of positive feedback for which we are thankful, but there were also signs that our website could enhance its layout, content and accessibility, so that users can take advantage of all the data and information supporting our free booking system. As such, we came up with a fresh design, more colorful and intuitive that meets the needs of our users.

We value your opinion so why don’t you have a look, have a try, and tell us what you think!