Sagenda Is Now Compatible with Bancontact as Payment Interface

Excellent news to share with our Belgian friends: you can now use Bancontact as payment interface with Sagenda. Keen on diversifying online payment methods available straight from your Sagenda account, we have extended our range by adding Bancontact for safe transactions.

Localized payment gateways are key for online scheduling websites having a direct influence on the volume of paid bookings. You can now have your bookings paid online and accept euro payments from your clients via Bancontact account either using their Bancontact credentials or by QR code scan with the mobile application. It’s the easiest way to increase your turnover while ensuring a payment method adapted to the Belgian market.

Easy to use and efficient, Bancontact online payments allow you to collect money from your Stripe account while localizing your business in various countries around the world. Client satisfaction is the first step towards loyalty. Higher integration and localization of payment methods results in higher chances of return customers for future online bookings on your website. However, don’t forget that this payment option is available only for clients located in Belgium who want to pay in euro.

This feature complements our PayPal and Stripe payment gateways that are already available in your Sagenda account. Feel free to drop us a line for any questions or suggestions.