SMS notifications are now supported by Sagenda, your very own booking system. Presently, the notification screen has become the primary interface in mobile computing; as such, Sagenda has stepped up its efforts in providing clients with text notifications critical for any mobile marketing strategy. The SMS notifications service is a must-have feature allowing business owners to send automated text confirmations, updates or reminders that help clients keep track of their bookings on the go, and make sure no appointments are missed on either side.

Confirmation, Updates or Reminder Notifications

A valuable component of your online booking system, SMS notifications save money and time thanks to the high mobile penetration rate available worldwide. Log in to your Sagenda account, open your module center and enable the “Notifications” module. Text notifications are useful for sending confirmations, updates or reminders. In the first case, the module allows you to send automated text messages confirming the booking that has just been made. If you use it as a reminder or for updates, you can define the frequency of the SMS notification module (e.g. weekly, daily or hourly) with which clients are notified of their bookings, appointments or reservations.

Customized SMS Notifications Reduce Client No-Shows

Mobile text alerts are essential to client retention especially since text messaging has an average open rate of 90% within 3 minutes from receipt. Once you decide to enable the SMS notifications module, Sagenda will be using the phone number provided by the client upon booking your service. Text notifications are sent to the person who operated the booking: the client or the company requesting the service. Template notifications are great and save you a lot of time. However, you are allowed to customize the name of the recipient in some cases and replace the phone number with the name of the respective client company. The more you customize your notifications, the more you improve client communications and reduce no-shows or cancellations.

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Text Notifications Available Worldwide

Sagenda provides the SMS notifications feature on an optional basis. Keep in mind that while the notifications module is available worldwide, you need to purchase the SMS service plan that best suits your business needs. Most countries are able to use this service, and Sagenda will soon provide a complete list including country availability. Give it a try and let us know how it works!