Sagenda API v3 Pushes Integration to the Next Level

May 1, 2018 | Sagenda

Updated Sagenda APIs: What’s In It for You?

Each year, our Sagenda team aims to develop new features to improve customer experience. Following your frequent requests for further integration, it also became crucial to update Sagenda’s API. From now on, API v3 strengthens the integration capacity of various platforms by improving the flow of operations and data exchange seamlessly.

Why Use an Improved Sagenda API REST?

So what’s changed? Everything’s changed. We’ve rebuilt our APIs from scratch: although still based on REST Web Services, Sagenda APIs have improved. API REST enables the transfer of data drawn from various apps and websites as well as the management of jwt tokens and an improved date format. Since our Sagenda WP plugin is used on multiple websites, it’s essential to ensure an optimized and quick transfer appropriate for all programming languages.

API v3: Enhanced Integration for Better Customization

API v3 caters for all the customized needs of our users. While old versions are still supported, there will probably be no new added features. For example, API v1 is provided in LTS (Long-Term Support) until 01/01/2021. So, hurry up and migrate to API v3! Don’t forget to drop us a line and let us know what you think of it.

For further technical details on API v3, visit Sagenda:

For further details on API v3 documentation, visit Mashape: