Sagenda’s Refund Policy

1. Place of Jurisdiction

Canton of Fribourg, Switzerland, shall be the sole place of jurisdiction for all disputes.

2. Duration and Eligibility

Refund is possible within 30 days of the first payment. The refund is similar to a “30-day trial”: if you don’t like it, you will be refunded. In the case of a recurring payment, only the first payment is eligible for a 30-day refund. Payments benefiting from a discount are non-refundable; thus annual and lifetime subscription payments are non-refundable. Only automatic payments via online payment are refundable, payments by bank transfer are not refundable.

3. How We Calculate 30 days

We allow refund until the same day of the next month. For example: if the first payment occurs on March 2, the customer will be eligible for a refund until April 2nd (in fact, this is more than 30 days). Since April 3, the customer is no longer eligible for a refund.

It does not matter if there are 28, 29, 30 or 31 days in the month. Vacation, business days or weekends are not taken into account for any deduction.

4. Refund of Payment / Transfer / Taxes / Bank Fees

Sagenda will refund the amount received, not the amount paid by the customer. The amount paid by the customer can be reduced due to transaction fees, currency conversion etc. If a part of the amount paid by the customer is charged by a third party company, this amount will not be refunded by Sagenda. It is up to the third party company to decide any refund. Based on the existing information, PayPal provides a refund for Sagenda’s transactions.

5. Item Eligible for Refund

Some Sagenda modules are eligible for refund such as the “PayPal module”. Modules eligible for refund contain in the description “30 DAYS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE”. If there’s no mention of refund in the description, this means there is no refund.

Modules requiring high human interaction, such as SLA, are not eligible for refund. Modules requiring additional services (such as coding new features) are not eligible for refund.

6. Reason for Refund

You do not need to invoke any reason for refund. If you want to leave a feedback, that’s valuable for us.

7. No Refund After Payment Receipt

If you asked for a payment receipt delivered by our company we will then not provide any refund.

Why? We saw many employees using they personal credit card or PayPal account to buy Sagenda for the company they are working for. Then, they ask a “payment receipt” to be refunded by their employer, and then they ask for a refund. This is a scam and is not tolerated by Sagenda. So if a payment receipt has been issued, the amount is no longer refundable, and therefore according to the same logic: if an amount has been refunded, no more receipts will be issued.

8. General Time-Saving Considerations

All you need is a refundable module and you should contact us within 30 days of the first payment.

Claiming a refund after more than 30 days indicating that, “in fact you don’t need it”, “you ordered it inadvertently”, “in fact it was not working as you expected”, “you finally closed your business”, “you will sue us if we do not refund”, “you forgot to turn down your recurring payment”, “I was in a coma for 30 days”, aren’t valid arguments.

Bullying doesn’t work. Mercy doesn’t work.

9. Special Cases

You bought the wrong module or the wrong quantity. You have bought several modules with a discount and in this “package” some modules are refundable and some are not. In all these cases and other special cases, refund is not mandatory and up to the good will of Sagenda.

Last update: November 10, 2019