Reduce your fitness clerical work with a scheduling system

May 6, 2020 | Sagenda

If you have a fitness studio or gym, then you know it very well that how much time you spend every day in managing, scheduling and handling the clerical tasks. If you are the trainer of your gym, then you won’t get much time to guide the people. You might be thinking that is there any solution to lower the time spent in such tasks? Well, the answer is yes, and all you need to use the best scheduling system for this and you are ready to go.

Such systems are designed to automate a lot of tasks and let you do certain clerical works in a few clicks. Besides, with such software, you can greatly enhance your customer experience. It has been proved that automation is an essential factor that can lead to the success of your gym. Now, let’s have a look at the ways a scheduling software helps your gym and you in various tasks.

1. Effective membership management
With a perfect scheduling system, it will be very easier for you to track the gym’ members’ information, check-ins, and you can give them access to a dedicated member portal. Using that portal, they will be able to view as well as checkout and pay bookings online, and they can even update their information, schedule classes, and more. There is no need to send email individually and to maintain their records manually.

2. No need to maintain Invoice
The most tiring part of the business is to maintain invoice. People need to track which customers has paid the invoice or not. In this system, people need to select the event, make their booking and make the online payment at that particular time. So you don’t need to maintain the invoice.

3. Scheduling
One of the major activities that take a huge amount of time for the gym is handling the booking and scheduling work. If you go for manual scheduling, you will not get enough time to look after other work. With proper scheduling software, you can even automate the process. You as well as your clients can schedule the classes based on the requirements, through online or app. On the other hand, the tools offer other benefits such as quota management, online booking, automated notifications and more.

4. Smooth integration
An efficient scheduling software offers an easy way to get integrated with other business tools that can help you in managing your fitness center properly. For example, you can integrate with the CRM system, social media platforms and more. Direct scheduling through social media platform is convenient as your users don’t have to disengage from the browsing activities to schedule. You can add a Book Now button on your business Facebook page. This will also help you in getting more customers.

With all such feature, such scheduling software can manage a lot of works for you, letting you concentrate on the core work, i.e., expanding your fitness clue.