Massage Scheduling Made easy

Jun 29, 2020 | Sagenda

With a growing focus on personal wellbeing, all the people now prefer to hire massage
therapists who can help then in various things such as body wellness, pain, different vascular
problems, anxiety, stress, and more. As the demand rises, massage centers are finding it
difficult to manage their businesses. But if you fail to manage your customers, then it can
severely affect your business. However, you can keep your massage center running smoothly
with the best online appointment scheduling software. You can only focus on your business
while saving your money, time, and administrative works.

Appointments, anytime, anywhere.
It is true that people who come to the massage center will not like to wait for a long time to
ger their requested services. In fact, after watching the crowded reception, your clients will
flee away. This, in turn, will create a negative perception of your brand. However, such issues
can be easily prevented by using our online massage scheduling software. With this, you can let
your customers book your services online sitting at home, and you can accept the
appointment through your device. You can also manage the crowd, offering 100 percent
customer satisfaction.

Prevents booking multiple massages at a single time
Just imagine, a customer arrives at your massage center, and there is no therapist scheduled
for this. You also want to prevent multiple clients from coming to your massage center after
you accidentally book more customers for a single therapist. So, is there any solution for this?
The answer is yes.
All you need to start using the best massage scheduling software. The software comes with
an easy to use interface and dashboard, and the therapist can see what is scheduled for that
day. On the other hand, clients will also get to know who will be offering the services. So,
there will no conflict between clients and therapists.

Secure and safe
For both the service provider and the clients, cybersecurity and personal information
protection play an important role. If the customers think that the booking system is not good,
they won’t book for your services. But when you choose the best online scheduling software,
you can keep all data safe with the maximum level of encryption.

Automate notifications of the services
Many people book their appointments, but they don’t arrive at the center to get their services.
Various professional and personal activities make them busy, and they forget the massage
appointments. But a scheduling software can help you in that. It can send custom
notifications to clients and you so that you can also call them to remind them about the
appointment (email and SMS). This also helps you to keep in touch with your customers.
Sagenda can bring more clients to your massage center, and you will be able to enjoy
more business opportunities. So, start using Sagenda for free NOW!