Businesses are never on holiday. But managers need a pause once in a while, and this is where Sagenda comes along. Taking time off and blocking your calendar for a limited duration is possible via our new Block feature. Here’s how you can temporarily block your bookings without putting your entire business on hold.

Sagenda helps SMEs connect with potential customers via our online booking system. We help you rent out your hotel, cottage or set medical appointments, spa sessions without wasting time offline. While customer operations are streamlined, productivity is increased allowing you to expand your client base and business reach.

Managing availability and unavailability is essential for online bookings especially since small businesses have a limited number of staff juggling a multitude of priorities. At some point, you might want to go on holiday and let your business run on autopilot. You may also be unavailable for whatever reason which is absolutely normal and easy to handle.


Simply log into your Sagenda account, select the relevant events and their respective timeframe, then use the red Block feature to disable them. By doing so, your service is no longer available for front end booking.

The best thing about this feature is that you only block events that coincide with your holidays; all other bookings are in place without putting your entire business on hold. Take a break and let Sagenda do the rest!