Sagenda Bookable Items: What Can Your Clients Book?

Bookable Items

Bookable items represent the service or business that is available to customers for booking, renting or sharing online. Depending on the type of business that you are offering to your clients, bookable items may simply refer to hotel reservations; venues, concerts or conference entries; medical appointments; winter sports equipment or car rentals, etc. You must create at least one bookable item for it to become active.
item that can be booked
element to be booked online

Bookable Item Lists

Suppose your business is very diverse. You may want to define several bookable item lists: one for your car rental business, another one for your guesthouse reservations; and yet another one for your ski and snowboard rental service. You may also want to have a look at our tutorial and learn how to set up Sagenda for B&B.

Add Bookable Item

You may add bookable items whenever you choose to do so. Log in to your Sagenda dashboard, click on Bookable Items and choose the “Add Bookable Item” option from the left drop down menu in order to create a new service available for online bookings.

  • Name: define a “Name” for your service. This could mean the type of rooms or apartments that are available for rent, but it could also mean any type of service that you are willing to offer to your clients.
  • Location: insert the place where your clients may find your service (i.e. the location of a conference room, a hotel’s address, a concert hall, etc.)
  • Description: don’t forget to give your clients a short glimpse of your offer as well as its limitations. For instance, if your outdoor swimming pool is only available from May to September, you may want to highlight it in the description area. Likewise, if your guesthouse has a parking area or accommodates pets, it would be a good idea to point it out. Anything relevant does the trick!
adding an element to be booked online