How to use the public calendar ?

Scheduling Calendar

How to use Sagenda’s public calendar in order to make appointments


Firstly, note that what you see in this video can differ from what you are experiencing during your booking. Each Sagenda account user can customize the scheduling process by changing colors, fields and behaviors.


From the first selected list, choose the items that interest you. Each list item will display its own agenda.



month calendar view for scheduling

This is the monthly calendar view.





Sagenda can display several views: agenda and calendar seen as Day / Week / Monthly views. Each view can display the same events while using a different layout.

This is the weekly calendar view

This is the weekly calendar view


Multiple bookings


You can book one event at a time or you can book several events at once. You can book for yourself only or for several people at once.


Selecting multiple events is easy: just click on “Enable multiple selection” and then select some slots.




Filling the registration form


In the first part, you have a summary of the slots you want to book. It can be one slot or several; you can also have payment information if events are paid online.


In the second part, you will have to fill in some information. Note that this form can be fully customized by Sagenda account users. So, you can have very different fields. Please fill in the required fields: those marked with an asterisk *.


If you have to enter a phone number, we recommend you to enter it in full international format (including the country code). This is needed if your event organizer wants to send text (SMS) confirmations and reminders.

This is where you fill the form

This is where you fill the form

In the third part, you may register several seats. This can be done by entering detailed information for everyone or just by adding the number of people.






After clicking on “book”, you will have to process payment if your event requires online payment. You will get a confirmation by email (if you filled it on the form). This email confirmation also includes an unsubscribe link. Optionally, you may get text (SMS) notifications.


Optionally, you can also get late reminders via email and text (SMS).


In conclusion


Should you have questions concerning the online appointment system, feel free to contact us.

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