How to display only one calendar (bookable item) per page?

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How to find your “bookable item” identifier?


In order to display only one calendar (or bookable item) per page, you will need to identify it. To find out the identifier (aka “id”) of your bookable item, go to your bookable item list: and select “edit” for the desired bookable item. You will find the “id” on the page from where you can easily copy it with the button.




How to narrow down by URL?


The URL of your calendar can be found in your Dashboard: or by opening it (Frontend/Mobile & Calendar view). You can just add ?fixedbookableitem=id to your URL as a parameter in order to fix the calendar view to the respective “bookable item”. For example, if your frontend calendar URL on is:

The result will be:

Where “y” is your account (don’t change it) and “x” your bookable item id.

Don’t forget that if you want to link several parameters (aka URL query), the first parameter uses “?” and then other needs “&”. For further information, go to Query String.

Your calendar is now displayed with a fixed field instead of a “Bookable item” list. The mention “Please select…” is also removed.




How to narrow down by using a WordPress plugin?


If you inserted the Sagenda Calendar on your website by using the WordPress plugin, you can use the available shortcode. For example, use the shortcode like this:
[sagenda-calendar-wp fixedbookableitem="x"]
where x is the “id” of your bookable item.


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