How to install a (Scheduling / Appointment / Booking) System to your Squarespace website?

Option 1 : Add Sagenda to your website


  • Please login to your Squarespace website. Please create an account if you don’t have one.
  • Please select your website and the desired page.
  • Optionally, you can add a new section (by clicking “Manage Section”,”Add”).
  • Edit the desired section.
  • Click “Add block” where you want to add your Sagenda booking calendar.
  • Add an “Embed” element (under Basic Blocks).
  • Click the little </> icon.


  • Copy the HTML code from your Sagenda Dashboard. Click “HTML </>” and “copy html code” on the new popup window.
  • Then, paste it under the “Embed” block and save.
  • Optionally, add scrolling=”no” in your iframe code to remove the scrollbar.


Option 2 : add a link from your website to your Sagenda page

Another option is to open your Sagenda scheduling view in another page or tab via an HTML link, as follows :


  • Go to your desired Squarespace page (same as option 1).
  • Add a block named “code”.
  • Add the HTML code :
<a href="INSERT YOUR SAGENDA URL HERE">Click here to book</a>


  • Paste it to replace “INSERT YOUR SAGENDA URL HERE”. Apply and save. Optionally you can change “Click here to book” by your own text.

That’s all folks. Feel free to customize the layout and watch for other Sagenda’s options.

Having trouble? Don’t hesitate to contact our support team.