How to add a booking system to my Wix website?

Is it possible to add Sagenda booking system into a website? The answer is “Yes”! And that’s very simple.

First : copy your Sagenda’s iframe

1. Open a free account on 2. Copy the HTML code from your Dashboard (click the button or select the text and Copy-it).  


Then : past it into your WIX website


You just have to do this step  :

3. From your side bar in “+ Add”, section “More” (bottom), please choose the “HTML Code” element into the the desired location.

Alternatively you can also choose “Embed a Site” and add only the URL (, not the whole iframe code. Bud don’t do both! embed code custom HTML iframe
4. Click on “Edit custom HTML” and paste the previously copied iframe into the Custom HTML section. 5. That’s it! Just make sure to save you changes and publish your site.  

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