How to Add a Booking Plugin to My WordPress Website?


You can download all your WordPress plugin releases from github!


WordPress Booking Calendar View video tutorial:

Here are some really easy steps to follow in order to add a booking plugin to your existing WordPress website:

1. Open a free account on


2. Download the free WordPress booking plugin :


wordpress booking plugin code

Sagenda Dashboard Overview


3. Paste the authentication code (aka token) from your Sagenda’s account (Dashboard/Copy Token) to your WordPress module settings (this is needed to authenticate your account) in (Settings/Sagenda). Paste the code and don’t forget to click on “Save Changes”.


wordpress booking activation

WordPress Backend Overview

4. Add the shortcode :

For “Sagenda calendar” (calendar / agenda view) :


You can also display one bookable item (calendar) per page such as :

[sagenda-calendar-wp fixedbookableitem="x"]

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