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Sports Renting Business Software with Ease of Use

“Sagenda” manages your sports renting schedule and payments. Do you rent skis, snowboards, bicycles, boats and much more? Then, you need to install Sagenda, a sports scheduling software that can be easily customized as an online sports renting business software. Is your rental business unable to meet customers? Time to get your kit online and going if you plan to keep your investment rolling all year round.

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Free and Easy to Install on Websites

This free equipment rental software can be quickly incorporated into your sports renting business website. Depending on the specific range of services offered, equipment rental businesses tend to be seasonal either targeting summer or winter customers. Rather than waiting for customers knock on your door and ask for ski rentals, why not make advanced preparations online? Most businesses choose to rely on sports equipment rental software installed on their websites to meet customer needs. Most outdoor equipment owners pay a hefty subscription to get that type of service. Then again, we take pride in offering free of cost online solutions like Sagenda, your go-to sports equipment rental software targeting small businesses in search of online rental solutions for their client base. Nothing complicated, nothing fancy at all! Register a Sagenda account and install your own equipment rental software directly on your official website.

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Book Your Sport Equipment Now and Pay Later

Many clients choose to rent outdoor sports equipment when preparing their holidays in advance and pay upon arrival which is a flexible feature of many business models. Meeting client needs is important if you want to keep them coming back. You may also need to watch out for those clients who wish to pay when booking which is perfectly understandable as they want less hassle during holidays. Paying when renting online is possible with Sagenda; all you need to do is activate the PayPal module option from your Module Center. In exchange for a monthly or yearly fee, you are able to allow advance payments for confirmed equipment rentals.

sport rental made easier with a booking tool
sport rental made easier with a booking tool

Recurrent Equipment Rental Option

Clients get to book multiple types of equipment for the entire duration of the season, for a few days or on a recurrent basis. Sagenda allows you to define group bookings which are ideal in winter or summer as well recurrent bookings for clients who want to rent equipment on a regular recurrent basis.

Customized Equipment Rental Software

Once configured, this sports rental software allows your customers to choose a specific sports equipment and select the rental dates. Then, go into your Sagenda backend and start defining the available equipment (bookable items) as well as its availability (event patterns). You may go into as much details as possible about what type of skis or bicycles you are offering and under what conditions. As an online sports renting business software, it can incorporate different sports equipment available for rent and the specific dates when they are available. You can also use the Color Module to customize your frontend and reflect your business brand. No need to worry about overbooking, clients will only be able to book items which are shown as available.

sport rental made easier with a booking tool
sport rental made easier with a booking tool

Improved Client Communication

Automated personalized emails are sent at every step of the booking, confirmation or cancellation operated through this sports scheduling software. Sagenda is more than just a plain rental equipment software: rental businesses use it as a time and client management tool enhancing client communication and profitability both in the long and short terms. First and foremost, this is a free equipment rental software poised to boost your return on investment from early on. Furthermore, you will notice a growing and sustainable client base and customer satisfaction in the long term. Care to give it a try? Register a free account and see what Sagenda can do for your rental business.

Complete Time Management Solution

Sports equipment rental software like Sagenda have been designed to help rental businesses organize their time efficiently while streamlining client and booking processes. While offline marketing is just as important as online marketing, why not blend the two to boost your business? Improve client satisfaction while improving your customer management service! And remember: don’t lose track of your customers and they won’t lose track of you!

sport rental made easier with a booking tool

Use “Sagenda”  — a sports scheduling software and sports equipment rental software — to gain that extra edge over your competition.