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Easily customizable for your spa or salon needs

Sagenda” is a free online spa scheduling software that can be customized for all the services offered by a particular spa or salon. Spas and wellness centers are keen on improving customer retention through appropriate online scheduling solutions. A customer can book a body massage appointment at a particular time and date, and then book another appointment at another time of his choice.

A Spa Scheduling Software that Fits Perfectly in Your Spa’s Website

Our spa scheduling software can be incorporated into any type of website. It works perfectly well with all websites.

This spa scheduling software can be easily added to the website’s existing back end with a simple tweak to the existing functionalities of the website. No redesigns or major iterations needed.

Free Online Spa Scheduling Software

Our system is a free online meeting scheduler that can be customized as a spa scheduling software. Once integrated into your website, it requires no maintenance, which means no additional costs. While there are many similar systems offering the same service at a hefty subscriptions, Sagenda is a free spa scheduling software for you to use at no cost. You’ll wish you had used it sooner!
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Grow Your Business with Online Spa Scheduling

Cancellations and no-shows have a major impact on the wellness industry. If you would like to stop worrying about daily losses, it’s high time you considered using a free spa scheduling software. Sagenda is the latest online system poised to increase your business performance, customer management, boost revenue, and contribute to cut costs while expanding your client base. A spa scheduling software like Sagenda allows you to replace cancellations with new appointments, and thus allow for last minute customers. It also helps spa owners improve client retention, and possibly develop loyalty programs.

Streamlined Business Operations

Spa and wellness salons rely on daily customers to have a profitable business. Traditional forms of appointment scheduling are slowly replaced by software solutions. Thus, businesses follow market and customer trends alike. Rather than investing in last year’s solutions, why not opt for a brand new spa scheduling software likely to reduce costs and improve marketing all year round? Do away with your dedicated call-center and stop asking your reception staff to hang on the phone more than necessary. Invest in time management solutions and your reception staff will be grateful and completely focused on client arrivals. By using a spa scheduling software, you are not only allowing client self-scheduling, but also client self-rescheduling or cancellations. It’s very important to offer flexibility and let clients be in charge of their schedule.
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Book Online and Pay on Arrival

As a spa owner, you probably want to deliver relaxation and peace of mind. Therefore, it is crucial to provide customers with the necessary tools allowing them to book appointments online through a user-friendly system. As soon as you integrate Sagenda into your website, clients are free to choose from the variety of services and book, reschedule or cancel their appointments. Fans of massage sessions probably want a recurrent service and this is where Sagenda makes all the difference. Client may book individual or group appointments for a one-off session or on a recurrent basis. Most of them prefer to book now and pay later probably because busy customers often need to reschedule appointments. Others prefer paying on the spot and do away with all the administrative chores when they enter your spa. And that’s perfectly normal! Sagenda is flexible enough to offer both options. For those clients wishing to pay immediately, you have the possibility to offer this service by accessing your Sagenda backend account, go into your Module Center and activate the PayPal module. Sure, there is a monthly or yearly fee for this service, but it’s up to you to use this module or not.    

The Perfect Spa Scheduling Software

Sagenda has won over many new customers for spas by enticing their website visitors to book an appointment right there, through the spa’s website. With this user-friendly spa scheduling software the customer booking experience becomes as relaxing as a spa treatment. Offer your clients exceptional customer service, real-time calendar availability and relaxed self-scheduling! No wonder this spa scheduling software is fast becoming the preferred appointment booking tool for major global spas.

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