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Rent Out to Your Members & Manage Stuff Online

For associations that rent out equipment or real estate property to their members, Sagenda is a must-have rental software. Once integrated into your website, Sagenda helps you manage equipment and property rentals online by streamlining renting requests and renting schedule with the least manual interference.

Free Flexible Online Rental Software

Our renting software is a small, user-friendly business tool which can be integrated into any website. No need to redesign your website in order to take full advantage of our rental software.  Sagenda is highly flexible, offering unmatched customization. We understand that every association has different norms for renting equipment or real estate property, therefore we have created an online rental software that can be configured to meet your specific policies to perfection.

reservation can be improved
reservation can be improved

Easy to Use and Operate

Sagenda has been designed to cater for the needs of a variety of businesses, and in particular for small businesses or associations that need a user-friendly software able to deliver exceptional service. Small associations or organizations that rent out accommodation or equipment for outdoor or indoor purposes usually have limited staff. Furthermore, staff rotation has an influence on how technology is used in such environments. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to provide them with an intuitive and easy to navigate rental software that allows a clear view of existing and confirmed rentals.

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Reallocation of Costs

Renting equipment and accommodation is just a click away for members of associations or organizations. People are more likely to go online and select their choice of rentals rather than call reception and hang on the phone for minutes until they get a rental confirmation. Therefore, rather than spending significant resources on a dedicated call center or staff, you would be better off outsourcing rentals online at no cost at all. You can do away with reception staff and invest in your efficient online services.

hard paper agenda or online booking software?
hard paper agenda or online booking software?

Rent Now and Pay Later

People tend to be picky when renting equipment or accommodation. This is why your organization or association has every interest in describing in details its offer of accommodation, equipment and available services. Go into your Sagenda backend and describe the bookable items of your business and then indicate their availability (event patterns) so that your clients or members may rent the exact type of equipment for their preferred date and time. They can always choose to select group and recurrent rentals. Say your members want to use a bicycle of ski equipment for an entire season. They can do that by selecting a recurrent type of rental. Obviously, some clients may want to pay on arrival (and most of them prefer it that way), but you’ll also get the occasional perfectionist who wants to do away with all preparations right from the very start. Why not offer them the option of paying when renting online? Go into your Sagenda backend and activate the PayPal module in your Module Center. In exchange for a monthly or yearly fee, your customers may process payments for confirmed rentals.

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Manage Equipment Rentals Online for Increased Productivity

Businesses and associations have reported 40% increase in growth productivity when they use an online appointment scheduler. An online rental software is easier to manage than a log book resulting in increased productivity. Stop using pen and paper or cluttered spreadsheets for management purposes! It’s high time to move your rental business online and adapt it to user needs.

hotel booking system
hotel booking system

Manage Equipment Rental Online with Customized Services

Sagenda is one of the few online rental software that offers tremendous customization completely free of any costs. Here is an online rental software that sends personalized emails at every step of the process: rental request, booking, confirmation/cancelation/reschedule. This streamlined process also eases out the troubles often associated with the online management of renting equipment.

Property Management Software

Sagenda also works as a property management software. Suppose your association rents out rooms or space for business purposes. You can simply describe the type of property (ex. rooms, office space) available for rentals and its availability. Thus, your members can have a complete overview of what’s available for rent and when. Why not put your resources to good use?

No wonder our online rental software is the first choice of associations and members alike.

hotel booking system