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Appointment Scheduling and Booking Software

Sagenda is an online booking software ideally suited for professional photographers who wish to manage their photo shoot scheduling online. Whether you are a newbie photographer or own a major photo studio available for hire, online booking management is an essential marketing feature enabling you to attract and retain recurrent and dependable clients. The most organized photographers know how to leverage the latest apps in order to minimize admin chores and devote their time to photo shoots. Let’s be clear: the more outstanding your photo work is, the more available you must be for your clients. Once you have installed Sagenda on your website, all you need to do is introduce your service range: wedding, couple, newborn or fashion shoot!

Call All the Shots by Increasing the Productivity of Your Studio


As the saying goes, the best photographer is the one tactfully absent from the shot. That’s just about right; however, the photographer’s decisions have a major influence on customer satisfaction. As such, a coherent online planning does wonders both for clients and photographers. Thus, it’s essential to take full advantage of digital flexibility: having your own photography website is not enough if your clients spend their time hanging on the phone desperately trying to reach you. By installing an appointment scheduling software on your website, photographers manage client no-shows and build their client base while minimizing admin chores. As a free online booking and appointment scheduling software, Sagenda lets you fully devote yourself to your photo art: more clients, more productivity, and fewer cancellations.

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A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

Your online reputation speaks volume of your photography business. Close contender to amateur selfies, professional photo shoots stand out through their art of capturing memories. Despite the selfie phenomenon, it’s a well-known fact that nobody would entrust their wedding photo shoot to an amateur likely to miss the most important moments of the ceremony. Thus, a professional photographer or owner of a photography studio must take good care of his reputation. Using an online appointment scheduling software helps you organize your photo art while adhering to your client appointment schedule. You are doing a great job, but that’s not enough! As a photographer, you must plan your availability via the Sagenda dashboard. Once you have determined the type of appointment available for scheduling (i.e. wedding, couple, newborn or fashion shoot), you must set up your event patterns according to the available bookable items. Each client must be handled individually. It’s up to you to customize your service and make sure each photo shoot is unique. One must not forget that your online reputation precedes your photo shoot; as such, your website must be fully adapted to your client needs.

Photo Shoot Self-Scheduling

Photographers who know how to step aside from the spotlight earn client trust and loyalty. For instance, a client who is searching for a photography studio wants to choose the photographer responsible for capturing the most important moments of a wedding shoot. Once selected, it’s best to offer clients full autonomy in scheduling their appointment. At this point, the photography studio must be able to display online its available dates, price list and booking terms of service. No need to spend an hour on the phone, clients may easily book their wedding photo shoot online according to the available dates.

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Pay Online, Enjoy Offline

For professionals who want to have a head start on competition, online photo shoot appointment scheduling is not enough. Presently, you may turn on your PayPal module available in your Sagenda dashboard and allow customers to pay for scheduled appointments. There’s nothing more tiresome than getting to an event, and having to discuss payments methods rather than doing what you’re doing best: snatch a precious moment of life. If the client has paid his service via PayPal, then the photographer is free to shoot immediately. Additionally, the photography studio may use online payments in order to request a booking deposit. For instance, a client who has booked a photo shoot for the entire day, and decides to cancel it or does not show up for whatever reasons, loses the booking deposit. As such, the photography studio avoids any inconvenience arising from cancellations or no-shows. It’s also an action likely to make clients aware of their responsibilities and ensure their availability for the chosen time and date.

Professional Photography in the Digital Age

Photography is a brief complicity between foresight and chance, said John Stuart Mill. It is absolutely true that a photographer’s art is the result of ‘planned chance’. Why foresight? Because the photography studio must plan, organize, anticipate and spare no effort to improve online service availability. Thanks to an online appointment scheduling software such as Sagenda, clients may take advantage of some wonderful art pictures. Despite the selfie going viral in a digital age where smartphones hold no secrets, a professional photo shoot remains a must-have indulgence for capturing the best moments in the life of your clients.