A Free Booking System… How Is This Possible?

Many people have asked us about Sagenda being completely free. Some even questioned this being possible at all. Therefore, here is a clear overview of our pricing policy.

What Is Free?

  • The Sagenda account is free.
  • The technical support is free.
  • The plugins for your favorite CMS, such as WordPress, are free.

Open your free account now!

What Is Unlimited?

  • The number of bookings is unlimited.
  • The number of clients is unlimited.
  • The number of resources (bookable items) is unlimited.
  • Access to your data is unrestricted both in terms of space and time.
  • There is no commission on bookings.
  • There are no Premium or Pro Sagenda account memberships.

Key Takeaways:

  • Sagenda never uses advertising.
  • Sagenda respects the protection of personal data and does not sell it to third parties.
  • Sagenda does not do SPAM. If you wish to stay up to date about Sagenda, subscribe to our social media channels: Twitter, Facebook.

You May Have to Pay When:

  • You request any system changes or addition of new customized features. While we offer free quotations, system customization and/or change is offered based on specific fees.
  • You wish to commission our Sagenda team to carry out your IT project (project development and management).
  • You wish to include additional Sagenda modules; while some are free (such as settings customization management), others are paid (such as PayPal).


Nothing to pay if you don’t use any module.

PayPal Module*

Make your customers pay online during booking
  • or $ 99 per year = 8.25 /mo !
  • Yes, this Include direct credit card payment (without your customers having to create PayPal account) !
  • No transaction fees
  • No hidden costs
  • No start-up fees
  • No contract
  • No minimum duration
  • VAT included
  • 30 days money back guarantee

SMS module*

Reduce no-show.
  • Notify your customers like a PRO!
  • Price include a sender’s name customization.
  • Starting at : 9.5$

Advanced email customization

Let’s email as a pro
  • Use your email address as sender!
  • Fully customise subject and text.
  • Send reminders.
  • Get unlimited email notifications!
*It is not mandatory to use a paid module to take advantage of the free account

And many more...

Check your module’s center for more premium and free modules