UPDATE 2020 : Drupal 7 module is deprecated, please sue Drupal 8 module instead : https://github.com/Sagenda/sagenda-calendar-drupal/releases 

The Sagenda plugin has been officially released on Drupal and is now available as a free online booking software tool. The plugin is suited for users and clients alike being adapted to a large range of personal and professional purposes.

Our team of developers has come up with a user-friendly booking plugin that values time and personal needs as well as accessibility. Given its high degree of website integration, you may now add Sagenda to any type of website and start using it professionally without complications.

What’s the catch? At Sagenda, we put people’s needs and wants at the forefront of our technology projects. Hence, the booking system can be used either by copying an iframe or the Drupal’s block in a page or article which is what everyone was waiting for.

WordPress users can now enjoy and share the advantages of a free booking service such as Sagenda by completing some simple steps. All you need to do is:

1. Dowload for “Sagenda ” on the Drupal website and install it.

2. Register a free account on Sagenda which is basic and really easy to perform, and then go through the authentication step;

3. Copy the Sagenda authentication code into the Drupal installation settings and then you’re all set.

Go through these steps and you’ll get the latest Sagenda plugin for Drupal that will work wonders on your online booking calendar: mobile responsive, this plugin sends email notifications on all bookings which means that there will be no more missed opportunities, no ads and definitely no spam!

The Sagenda plugin for Drupal is the latest time management free booking software that is positioned to make your life better.

Go for it!