Sagenda’s Community

Do you want to be part of the Sagenda’s family? There is several way to participate to this project:


Do you want to use Sagenda in another language? Make it happen : help us! Join us on : OnSkye (require to create a free account). You will found 3 projects: one for the WordPress plugin, one for the website and one for the calendar. The website contains lots of texts, if you are interested only the translate for your customers, not at the entire tool look at the strings starting with “Frontend” key. We “push” new translations to production every 2 weeks.

Feature request & idea

Want to ask for a new feature into Sagenda? Please make your suggestion and contact us !


Open source is like love, it’s not possible alone! You have development skills and you want to help us on sagenda open source project? We are interested in any CMS plugin. Joint us on GitHub!