Today is a big day for our team!

We are pleased to officially announce the opening of “Sagenda” (URL : for the commercial website and for the tool himself).

I would like to thank our team of twenty people who participated in this project. Thank you everyone! It was a long journey to finally accomplish the land of the reservation we created.

It all began back in 2009 with the completion of a booking module named “rendez-vous” for the CMS Contao. Further on, in 2010 an improvement of this module was developed under the name “My Reservation System”, and ever since you gave us a lot of feedback and wishes. As it was not possible to meet all your needs only on the basis of our previous project, we re-stared all from scratch and here is where “Sagenda” was born.

Our online booking system allows you to manage many rental services, medical services, holiday bookings and many other options. Start by creating an account at and you’re done! Sign up our totally free forever service: no charges, no catches, and no hidden premium membership ever! It costs you absolutely nothing to jump on board!

After creating an account, enter a list of “Bookable items” (elements to be reserved), define one out of more events (duration of booking) and that’s it! You can use your own booking system! If you wish, you can also integrate the module to your website.

Good luck with all your reservation projects and thank you for joining us! We promise you many future improvements that are already on the way!