Incredible benefits and features you avail as an Ophthalmologist from scheduling software

Incredible benefits and features you avail as an Ophthalmologist from scheduling software

Incredible benefits and features you avail as an Ophthalmologist from scheduling software

Are you an individual Ophthalmologist looking to grow your patient base? Do you have a medical service company that concentrates on providing diagnoses and treatment facilities in the field of ophthalmology? If yes, then it is high-time to download a robust scheduling software product that pushes up your revenues and reputation. There are many benefits that you will be able to receive from using the software. It is wise to go for a well-known brand in order to organize everything as planned in a professional manner. Continue reading to know more details on this matter, which will help you to take advanced decisions.

Setting up and managing calendars

One of the prime benefits of the software is you will be nicely able to create and configure the calendars, managing all the relevant schedules of the employees involved in your medical business. This will invariably provide additional strength to your organization. The whole process is optimally executed by accounting for resource availability.

Configuring appointment schedules

A core feature of the scheduling system is it is extremely efficient in streamlining the various appointment schedules in a planned and professional manner, complying with all other business aspects. You really don’t have to worry about managing the different slots and adjusting for changes. The scheduling software will extensively do it for you. Resultantly, there will be less burden of handling the administrative elements related to your business.

Appointment capacity and overbooking limits

As an Ophthalmologist, you know very well that every medical business has a particular appointment capacity. You need to work your plans according to that. Also, it is critical to keep a constant tab on overbooking limits. It is not good for the reputation of the business to book the patients and then not treat them citing temporary unavailability of services. A scheduling software product takes into account all these aspects quite efficiently.

Management of patient waiting lists

One of the primary advantages of integrating the scheduling software system in your business framework is swiftly managing the various waiting lists of several patients. In this manner, the overall approach of your business becomes more professional. Also, the patients experience a greater level of customer satisfaction availing your medical services as planned.

Automated reminders

One can never deny the significance of automated reminders when he or she is implementing scheduling software to handle appointments and related administrative tasks. The reminders are nothing but notifications in forms of sms and e-mails. Your patients will know about the exact date and timing of the appointment. The chances of missing an appointment will drastically get reduced. This will, in turn, help you immensely to book more profits from your business.

Scalable solutions

Imagine about the situation when the volume of appointments and treatment sessions will rise up due to gradual increase of your medical business’s reputation in the market. In such cases, it is critical that you use the scalable solutions of the scheduling software. This will genuinely aid you in optimally adjusting for the traffic of appointments that your medical business receives and would receive.


Sagenda is made for ophthalmologist online scheduling

Data integration

It would be a gross mistake if patient data is not considered in setting growth strategies for your medical business. Nowadays, every business is trying to adopt technologies that make their operations more data-driven. A top-notch scheduling software product helps you to collect patient data in an organized way. You can utilize the bulk information for deeper analysis of dynamics your business is experiencing. This will, in turn, help you to build strategies to earn more revenues in the long run.

Data security

Securing data is undoubtedly among the highest priorities for most businesses. You can stay assured that a world-class scheduling software product is extremely efficient in securing all the relevant business data. There are multiple layers of protection that make it impossible to hack or leak. You can continue working in a reliable, safe environment. All the features of the software are properly integrated into your business framework with data security facilities, providing you ample flexibility to carry on with your work.

Get a scheduler, today

There is no reason to delay any further. Download and install a scheduler today to enhance your medical business prospects.

New Parameter for Your Calendar Default Start Date

New Parameter for Your Calendar Default Start Date

New Parameter for Your Calendar Default Start Date

Lots of you have appreciated the new design of our latest calendar version; nevertheless, some of you have also requested us to add a few features available in our previous designs.

To use this option, go to your account mobile and calendar settings and choose the calendar default start date.

For example, if your service is available every day, the calendar default start date is the “current date”. If your service is seasonal, you should opt for “choose date” according to your offer availability.

Once you have defined the calendar’s start date, don’t forget to save your new settings. There, you’re good to go!

Use Sagenda Stats for Extra Insight into Your Work

Use Sagenda Stats for Extra Insight into Your Work

Use Sagenda Stats for Extra Insight into Your Work

Over the last years, Sagenda helped strengthen your efficacy every day. Thanks to the automatic booking software, no more time-consuming tasks affecting your productivity. No need to be glued to your phone with clients or answer endless emails to manage your reservations. Nevertheless, maybe it’s time we looked at your booking statistics.

Stats Are a Strategic Tool

Sagenda is now rolling out a statistic feature available for everybody free of charge. You can manage statistics directly from the mobile app or from website to have an overview of your reservation status over several days. Do you feel overwhelmed with work? Is there a slump in bookings during certain days? You can easily have a look at it from your own Sagenda account. You may anticipate seasonal occupancy peaks to avoid managing unexpected last-minute bookings. It’s easy-peasy just by assessing data in the long term.



 Reservation status

What Are Stats For?

Sagenda stats are a key monitoring tool accurately informing decision-making processes. All you need is an overview of reservations to define the marketing strategy while knowing the kind of services that require further promotion. For example, your stats feature displays the number of single or multiple reservations as well as the real-time occupancy rate. Thus, for piano classes, you already know the number of free slots at any given date. Therefore, you may assess whether bookings are more frequent during weekdays or weekends and plan bookable items accordingly.

And this is just the beginning! Feel free to drop us a line with your suggestions and we will further develop the stats feature according to your needs.

Online Booking System for Covid Vaccination and Testing

Online Booking System for Covid Vaccination and Testing

Online Booking System for Covid Vaccination and Testing

Don’t let disorganization deepen the pandemic! Online booking of Covid vaccination slots and testing has become a race against time both for high-risk beneficiaries and governments.

Online Booking of Covid Vaccination and Testing

Fortunately, coronavirus vaccination and testing are a solution in order to return to pre-Covid normalcy. To do so, it is crucial to ensure a simple and intuitive online vaccination booking system for the general population, and more specifically, for the most vulnerable groups.

Safe Triage of Patient Flows

Would you like to avoid packed waiting rooms? Choose a flexible and adapted online booking scheduler. Whether it’s Covid-19 vaccination or testing, it’s easy to use Sagenda in order to define relevant booking slots and allow intervals between patient flows. Patients can proceed to an online booking of Covid vaccination or testing, thus avoiding an excessive influx at specific times of the day.

Customized Online Booking Process

Sagenda is an online appointment scheduler allowing definition of customized fields to be filled in by patients at the time of reservation. You may set up a questionnaire concerning patient symptoms, interaction with infected contacts, potential disorders, allergies, or concomitant medication. All answers can be marked as mandatory or optional fields as required. You may also add a “Terms of Use” agreement before the patient completes the online booking of Covid vaccination or testing.

Confirmed Experience in Medical Scheduling

Our booking system has already been used for several years by medical practices, therapists and is suited to your consultation needs for Covid testing. Furthermore, Sagenda online appointment notifications can be sent by email or SMS. It’s extremely easy to send email and SMS confirmations or reminders, thereby substantially reducing patient no-shows.

Free of Charge Online Booking System

Sagenda is one of the few online booking systems available free of charge. You only pay additional optional premium features such as customized notifications, texting, and online payment. Sagenda rates are transparent with no hidden costs according to the number of clients or reservations. Unlike other systems, we do not charge either for access to past or future booking data.

Choose Sagenda to simplify your life during the pandemic!

JavaScript Is a New Integration Method for the Booking Calendar

JavaScript Is a New Integration Method for the Booking Calendar

JavaScript Is a New Integration Method for the Booking Calendar

The booking calendar Sagenda currently enjoys several integration methods to facilitate user experience on your website. For further flexibility, we highly recommend using web integration with JavaScript.

Integration Options

As a booking calendar, Sagenda already offers various integration options via iFrame, CMS modules (i.e. WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or Typo3), URL links or data exchange using API. However, we don’t want to rest on our laurels. In order to ensure a smooth integration of your customized projects, we offer you the possibility of integrating Sagenda via the JavaScript programming language.

Why JavaScript?

Thanks to its execution speed and ease of learning, JavaScript has historically become the leading language for multiplatform websites. Easily acknowledged by all web surfers, this method ensures the integration of Sagenda to any type of HTML project. On the upside, you don’t have to give up responsive web design as in the case of iFrame integration.

JavaScript Interactivity

Sagenda is a booking software with an underlying interactive dimension allowing users to customize booked items by a series of dynamic actions. Therefore, managing the information submitted by users requires some degree of interactivity ensured by JavaScript.

What Next?

All you need to do is copy-paste the files of your project and enter settings values. To do so, go to our Sagenda text and video tutorial.