Timeline View on Your Sagenda Calendar

Timeline View on Your Sagenda Calendar

Timeline View on Your Sagenda Calendar

The timeline view is now available on your Sagenda calendar in addition to your classic agenda and calendar view. The display is probably one of the most important aspects of an online booking system. You can now enjoy not one, two or three, but up to four types of timeline display from your own Sagenda account.

Why should you use the timeline view? This new display feature offers greater flexibility indicating the event, reservations made and open slots, as well as the related date and duration. In addition to an agenda and calendar display, the timeline view offers a more linear, visual representation of duration either by timeline day, week, work week and month.

But what is the timeline view? If the agenda view displays a vertical list of events one after the other, the timeline view includes events chronologically but horizontally. The linearity of this timeline display allows better time management since you can visualize the extent of each event, including compared to the rest of events that may overlap.

We recommend using the classic (non-adaptive) calendar view with your timeline.

At Sagenda, we acknowledge that this timeline view is not necessarily for everyone. This feature was designed to meet a very specific need of a small group of Sagenda users; nevertheless, it was made available for everybody at no extra cost. This is one of the reasons why it is not enabled by default on your account. You can enable it directly from your account settings.

For any questions you might have, feel free to drop us a line.

Sagenda Is Now Compatible with Bancontact as Payment Interface

Sagenda Is Now Compatible with Bancontact as Payment Interface

Sagenda Is Now Compatible with Bancontact as Payment Interface

Excellent news to share with our Belgian friends: you can now use Bancontact as payment interface with Sagenda. Keen on diversifying online payment methods available straight from your Sagenda account, we have extended our range by adding Bancontact for safe transactions.

Localized payment gateways are key for online scheduling websites having a direct influence on the volume of paid bookings. You can now have your bookings paid online and accept euro payments from your clients via Bancontact account either using their Bancontact credentials or by QR code scan with the mobile application. It’s the easiest way to increase your turnover while ensuring a payment method adapted to the Belgian market.

Easy to use and efficient, Bancontact online payments allow you to collect money from your Stripe account while localizing your business in various countries around the world. Client satisfaction is the first step towards loyalty. Higher integration and localization of payment methods results in higher chances of return customers for future online bookings on your website. However, don’t forget that this payment option is available only for clients located in Belgium who want to pay in euro.

This feature complements our PayPal and Stripe payment gateways that are already available in your Sagenda account. Feel free to drop us a line for any questions or suggestions.

Stripe for Online Payment of Sagenda Bookings

Stripe for Online Payment of Sagenda Bookings

Stripe for Online Payment of Sagenda Bookings

Use Stripe for online payment processing of your bookings! Sagenda has now diversified its online payment methods to meet the needs of our users.

In times of Covid-19, online payments have skyrocketed particularly due to international travel restrictions. Therefore, it is essential to come up with a reliable, safe, and diversified online payment environment. Furthermore, securing online payment of bookings and services is the most effective method of avoiding later disputes.

According to a recent study, 19% of internet users abandon their shopping cart citing lack of trust in online payment methods. This is the reason why we decided to end the PayPal monopoly for Sagenda online bookings by also adding Stripe as “payment gateway”. You may now collect your client payments as well as pay various Sagenda services using Stripe.

Emerging as the second online payment processor after PayPal, Stripe comes up with a fresh technology and a more modern graphical user interface. Furthermore, Stripe targets a diverse market, particularly due to its client transparency and flexibility. So, why not enjoy it at Sagenda as well?

Once activated the payment module from the module center, you may set up your Stripe payments.

Feel free to drop us a line for any questions or suggestions!

Save Time by Learning All These Sagenda Features

Save Time by Learning All These Sagenda Features

Save Time by Learning All These Sagenda Features

At Sagenda, we’re constantly developing new features. However, some of these interesting features remain largely unknown by users. Here is a non-comprehensive list of tips you can use to take full advantage of Sagenda.


Updated Frontend

We have revamped our agenda calendar view. Using an understated look, a colored dot indicates the status of your reservation instead of a fully colored background rectangle.

 Agenda old view
Old New

While some of you are using Sagenda to run business mainly on weekends, most entrepreneurs manage Monday to Friday work weeks. Therefore, we suggest using a new “work week” view excluding Saturdays and Sundays. This view is particularly useful to enhance accessibility within the context of responsive design and to improve mobility. In fact, since some smartphones have limited screen sizes, saving space by cutting unused weekdays leads to a substantially improved browsing experience.

work week

New View: Work Week 

You are now able to hide the occupancy rate of your bookings on the frontend. In fact, while showing stats is interesting (e.g., 12/15 reservations), some business owners who are just starting out a new activity with limited clients end up with entire weeks showing no reservations made. As the old adage goes, “You don’t earn loyalty in a day. You earn loyalty day by day”, nobody likes to book an unknown place. You can now disable the feature displaying the number of open reservations and enable it later when your business improves in terms of occupancy rate.

Displaying occupancy rate. Hiding occupancy rate.

In addition to call-to-action buttons, you may now customize the color of your calendar browsing buttons.

Did you know it’s possible to hide some elements of your frontend calendar? While having lots of features is fine, if you do not wish to use some Sagenda functionalities, you can simply disable things like multiple booking selection or altogether remove the information button from the frontend.


Hide the Information Button

You may now hide the information button redirecting you to a tutorial explaining the booking process. Therefore, the booking process is more discreet in case of “white label” integration.


Change the Badge Number Meaning

You may now customize the number listed in the monthly view case box to display the number of open events or the number of open reservations.


Display Only One Bookable Item

This is a very useful piece of information: you may now display a single bookable item and hide the drop-down list. To do this, simply add ?fixedbookableitem=x to your page link. You can easily find the item on the page of bookable items.


Excel Reports

Did you know that you may now export your bookings to an Excel spreadsheet? Excel remains an extremely powerful tool when you need to select, filter, or create statistics. Don’t forget to export your Excel files.


Be Mobile

Also don’t forget that you have free access to our iOS and Android application allowing you to check or cancel your bookings, access statistics and much more. A real head start enabling you to live check your bookings.

Our team hopes you will use these features to simplify your upcoming Sagenda bookings.

Garmin Available as Sagenda Sport Module

Garmin Available as Sagenda Sport Module

Garmin Available as Sagenda Sport Module

We’re upping our game with the latest Garmin interface available for sports coaches.

Whether you were already using Sagenda for booking sports events or not, we are happy to present you a feature most likely interesting for coaches: you may now access workout data concerning all your athletes.

So far, Sagenda allowed booking of sports venues, trainings, or online payment of your sports sessions. In a nutshell, what every booking system is supposed to offer. Nevertheless, are your athletes improving from one session to another? Thanks to our latest “Sport” module, your athletes may grant Sagenda access to their Garmin Connect account to retrieve key physiological and sports data.

VO2max, W/kg, FTP: what do you make of all this gobbledygook? Knowing and understanding the physiological parameters of your client is essential to improve his/her physical performance. Thus, you may predict the performance of your sports team. Based on an effective dashboard, you can monitor and assess client performance.

Once you’ve used this feature, feel free to drop us a line to share your feedback! It’s our first feature fully designed for sports monitoring, and we hope to continue our product development in this field.
Subscribe to our launch offer. This module is now available at an excellent offer for a limited time with a lifetime discount!

How do I do it?
To use Garmin features, sign up for the Advanced Sport module in the module center, and you’ll then have access to a settings screen dedicated to sport. Share the link with your athletes, who can give you permission to access their Garmin Connect data. You will be able to list and manage accounts on this screen, then go to the new Agenda administrative view to see your athletes’ activities (web or in our mobile apps)!