Sagenda API

Booking System Interface through Web Services

API v1 is deprecated, please use API v3 instead!


Sagenda Application Programming Interface (API) uses Web Services (REST) to communicate with third party systems. This API is technology independent: C#, PHP, JavaScript, RoR, Java… as long as you can call a Web Service you’re ready for Sagenda API.

In order to identify your Sagenda account, you will be asked very often to give your authentication code (aka Token) as parameter. This can be found in the Dashboard or in Settings / General Settings / Authentication code. Your authentication code looks like a 32 chars alphanumeric code such as :  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.



Where Can I Find a Demo Code?

Well, the best thing to do is have a look at our CMS plugin page on GitHub; they all use the same Web Services as described in this page.


The documentation of the API is has moved to the awesome PostMan. If you have some questions you can contact our support.