Why Use an Online Appointment Scheduler?

As we continued to win over more and more clients through our various services, we were constantly flooded with demands for an online booking system. This incessant request from our customers led us to build our own system: Sagenda.

Here is an online appointment scheduler that will help professionals and small businesses meet all the challenges that may surface during their appointment scheduling or rental booking processes.


Who We Are

Sagenda, the online appointment scheduler, is part of Iteration.info, a Swiss company offering an extensive range of online software & innovation coaching services.

What We Do

Iteration.info works mainly on helping you turn your idea into a real business model.

At Iteration.info, we believe in developing innovation together. Our dedicated team of software professionals strives towards turning our client’s web vision into reality.

At Iteration.info, we strongly believe in the Agile method and Scrum, and we will coach your team in these methods to help you achieve increased efficiency and improved work processes.

Real business model