Adding a scheduling system to your SPA’s website increase your occupancy rate

May 11, 2020 | Sagenda

New spa and wellness centers are now coming up every day, and the competition among the spa owners is also rising. They are now competing to increase their occupancy rate. In such a case, a perfect scheduling system like Sagenda scheduling system has emerged as the best option for them. It is quite important for every spa owner to manage their customers in the best possible way and offer an easy way to book the services. A scheduling system is a revolutionary tool that helps you to automate a lot of tasks, increasing your spa’s occupancy rate. Now, let’s have a look at how adding a scheduling system to your business website can help you.

1. Automation of the business
It has been observed that almost all the businesses are now using various automaton software to improve performance, lower the human dependency level, reduce the mistakes made by staff, increase the profits and more. Spa businesses are also shifting toward this. By implementing a scheduling system, can easily automate various activities.

It lets you show the beauty products and services availability, time and staff slots, costs, and more to your customers. By adding the system to your site, you can enable them to book their appointment online with a few clicks. Both the customers and wellness business will be notified through SMS and email about transactions, booked appointments, service and more. You will be able to serve a huge number of your clients without affecting the service quality.

2. Showing the utilization of advanced technology
People generally click away from a site when they found it unclear and confusing. How about, offering your customers a well-designed agenda to book an appointment? When it comes to increasing your occupancy rate, it is important to follow the latest technological trend and show off the treatment that your spa offers. When you use leading-edge technology, it will make your spa appear modern as well as driven. The visitors can schedule the appointment online.

3. Makes you available for 24×7
Well, it is true that some clients may not be able to contact you to book their appointment during your spa’s opening hours. They may prefer to call you at night for booking, which is not possible. You need to offer them something through which they can book the appointed whenever they want. A proper scheduling system does that for. By integrating such a system to your website, you can enable the book now option, and they can book your services in the middle of the night. This makes your sell your services 24×7 hours.

4. Enhanced profitability
The major thing is, having the best scheduling system in the place will greatly increase the profitability level. The reason is the customers will get a faster and easy bookings solution, and this, in turn, will increase the customer satisfaction level. You will generate more money for growth.

These are a few ways how a scheduling tool can help in increasing the occupancy rate and growth speed. So, go on and install it now.