Access the Calendar View and Agenda from Your Sagenda Dashboard

Finally, we’ve got some good news to share! The calendar view and agenda are now available from your Sagenda dashboard. Along with the integration of Stripe and Google Calendar (we’re getting there, promised), this is one of your most common requests. As the saying goes, don’t make promises you can’t keep. Once in your dashboard, you are now able to access a calendar view displaying all your bookings.

Calendar Perks

A calendar is an essential tool in planning and managing your client bookings. This is why you are now able to use your calendar view straight from your dashboard. Enter your reservations tab and you may access your calendar view link opening in another window: this means you may use both your Sagenda account and have an overview of existing bookings.

agenda view

Agenda View (aka List view)

Calendar View and Agenda Display

Well, it’s not exactly a calendar view but rather 4 views: you can access the calendar (daily, weekly and monthly views) and also the agenda display. This should keep picky customers happy! In terms of features, you may see and cancel your bookings. Furthermore, you may also block and unblock events so as to open or close bookings.

The calendar and agenda are also available on mobile platforms. The new features are only a click away in your own pocket along with our iOS and Android applications.

At Sagenda, we’re planning lots of surprises; so don’t be a stranger!