Garmin Available as Sagenda Sport Module

Garmin Available as Sagenda Sport Module

Garmin Available as Sagenda Sport Module

We’re upping our game with the latest Garmin interface available for sports coaches.

Whether you were already using Sagenda for booking sports events or not, we are happy to present you a feature most likely interesting for coaches: you may now access workout data concerning all your athletes.

So far, Sagenda allowed booking of sports venues, trainings, or online payment of your sports sessions. In a nutshell, what every booking system is supposed to offer. Nevertheless, are your athletes improving from one session to another? Thanks to our latest “Sport” module, your athletes may grant Sagenda access to their Garmin Connect account to retrieve key physiological and sports data.

VO2max, W/kg, FTP: what do you make of all this gobbledygook? Knowing and understanding the physiological parameters of your client is essential to improve his/her physical performance. Thus, you may predict the performance of your sports team. Based on an effective dashboard, you can monitor and assess client performance.

Once you’ve used this feature, feel free to drop us a line to share your feedback! It’s our first feature fully designed for sports monitoring, and we hope to continue our product development in this field.
Subscribe to our launch offer. This module is now available at an excellent offer for a limited time with a lifetime discount!

How do I do it?
To use Garmin features, sign up for the Advanced Sport module in the module center, and you’ll then have access to a settings screen dedicated to sport. Share the link with your athletes, who can give you permission to access their Garmin Connect data. You will be able to list and manage accounts on this screen, then go to the new Agenda administrative view to see your athletes’ activities (web or in our mobile apps)!

How Will You Ensure That Your Appointment Scheduler Increases Your Customer Satisfaction Rate?

How Will You Ensure That Your Appointment Scheduler Increases Your Customer Satisfaction Rate?

How Will You Ensure That Your Appointment Scheduler Increases Your Customer Satisfaction Rate?

Do you presently rely on conventional telephone-based systems to receive orders for booking your service? You need to deal with several calls manually and use a book to store details of bookings. These processes are too time-consuming. Several organizations have understood this challenge, and that’s why they have invested in the best appointment scheduler. The online scheduler can make the process smoother.

The online scheduling systems are cloud-based applications to book appointments securely. Using any internet-enabled device, your customers can make online reservations. In fact, both businesses and clients get benefits from the integration of a virtual appointment scheduling system into your website.

However, how will you know that your appointment scheduling software is providing value to your customers?

Have a deep insight into your customer experience

It is the most important step to know about the positive customer experience for installing the software.

While booking a service offline, your employees always need to ask your potential customers about their name, status, age, and other basic details. It may be annoying to your customers to send every detail during a phone call. Moreover, when your employees are not available for any reason, there is a risk of missing the customers.

The collection of information will be uncertain without the appointment booking system. Overall, it can create a negative impression. Your customers may feel that you do not value them.

But, by implementing the virtual appointment booking software, you can avoid this situation. You can bring a smile to the customers’ face.


Customer satisfaction due to the availability of several options

A successful business always adapts several strategies to entice customers. Your customers will be pleased to find multiple booking options with your appointment scheduling system. For instance, they can take advantage of advanced booking solutions while using the software. Moreover, some potential customers like to get the facility of instant booking and easy availability of service. The reliable scheduler will provide them with these advantages.

Furthermore, you may integrate the booking system into your social media pages and other portals. These features save the effort and time of your customers. Ultimately, you can notice a positive effect on your business.

Higher productivity of your business

Without any digital scheduling system for regular appointments, your employees may have a heavy workload. But, the advanced system automates the process, and it eliminates the need for managing schedules. Your employees will have time-saving benefits.

As they can free up their time, they can deal with other businesses. They can work for your customers in a better way.

Moreover, your customers will be able to schedule their appointments on their preferred dates and time. You may add a calendar to the system to ensure their advantages. Without human intervention, the scheduling process will be successful.


Reduce the risk of No Shows

Customers of different industries cancel appointments, think of rescheduling appointments last minute, and ultimately cause a no-show problem.

As you have invested in automated technologies, there are facilities for email and SMS reminders. The booking system will remind your customers of upcoming appointments. It ensures that they will not miss any appointments.

For instance, a customer may have decided on rescheduling his reservations. In this case, he can do it on his own using the online appointment booking system.

The reduction in the number of potential no-shows is a sign of a higher customer satisfaction rate.


No chance of customers’ frustration by avoiding overbooking

Overbooking refers to a situation when you make multiple bookings on a particular schedule. This issue happens when your employee forgets to note down a client’s appointment schedule. There will be a problem with the availability of slots.

A small error can cause a big customer dissatisfaction. You can easily avoid the issue with the implementation of the online booking system. You will be able to keep away from the redundancy of bookings.

Faster Payment is another reason for customer satisfaction

An online appointment booking system enables you to find a positive effect on your revenue.

Nowadays, modern customers like to make online payments and confirm their schedules. The appointment scheduling software will give this opportunity to your customers. You can beat competitors who have not installed the virtual scheduler for appointments.

You may also obtain benefits from this service. You can collect payments instantly after successful bookings. Your team will be able to manage more customers every month, as everything will be organized. In case of cancellation, you can charge the cancellation fee. But, with your phone bookings, it is not easy to charge for cancellation.


Better and stronger relationship with customers

It is another good sign of how customers are benefitted from it. When a business offers better service and more advantages, it can develop a strong rapport with customers. Your appointment booking application will help you in accomplishing this goal.


Lots of positive testimonials for your business

After implementing the scheduling system, you can check out your customer feedback on different platforms. You will find how your customers are spreading positive words about your business. The positive feedback from loyal customers will create a good image. As they have not encountered problems with availing your service, they will be pleased with your effort.

In most cases, new customers make a decision after reading testimonials. Thus, you will have a chance of increasing the number of customers of your company.

You have now understood how online appointment booking systems bring a positive transformation to your business. Your customers will gain trust in you due to your innovative approach to implementing an automated booking system. You will gain more traffic and convert leads into visitors. The easy availability of the booking option reduces the effort of your leads. However, you must check the features of your appointment booking system. The best ones are available with a range of features. You can check the price of premium online booking software. Most importantly, you need to ensure that the online scheduling tool is easy to use for your customers.