New Calendar and Public Agenda

New Calendar and Public Agenda

New Calendar and Public Agenda

Earlier this year, we’ve already announced a redesign of the private calendar. This is it: we’ve completed a major restyling of the public side.

On the menu, there are 3 calendar views and 1 agenda view. Namely, now you can display a daily, weekly or monthly view of your calendar. Events can also be displayed in a list (an agenda). Using an extremely sleek new design, this display is based on responsive design compatible both with mobile and desktop devices ensuring a truly smooth booking process.

But that’s not all: you may also display your bookings on the public side (optionally). Using public account settings, you may now display the number of completed bookings from the total number as well as participants’ data if necessary. For example, a sports club probably does not want to hide bookings since people like to organize team games or running clubs. Of course, the first option is still available.

Agenda view

Agenda view

All these features are accompanied by a customized setup so use your calendar settings on any mobile device in order to: set the first day of the week, date and time format, default calendar view and possibly disable some views, define opening and closing hours (unless you want to choose the default time format from 00:00 to 24:00).

All these new calendar/agenda views require some adjustment from old version users, particularly those using iFrame integration into their websites. Feel free to adjust “width” and “height” settings if necessary; moreover, drop us a line in case you need help.

We look forward to hearing from you and hope you enjoy the latest version.

Boost Your Photography Studio Photo Shoots By Scheduling online

Boost Your Photography Studio Photo Shoots By Scheduling online

Boost Your Photography Studio Photo Shoots By Scheduling online

There is no doubt that you all like to captures photographs through professional photographers. This, in turn, has increased the demand for skilled and professional photographers. Looking at this growing demand, many new photographers are now venturing into this industry. So, keep up your photography studio running; it is crucial to use software through which you can manage your studio works, especially the booking and payment tasks.
Perfect online planning can prove to be very useful for both you and your clients. So, it is crucial to take full advantage of the modern digital flexibility for your photo shoot work. By installing the best online scheduling software on your studio’s website, you can manage client no-shows and develop a good client base while lowering the administrative works. With it, you can give your 100 percent in your work and will enjoy higher productivity, more clients, and fewer cancellations.

The way the scheduling software helps you

1. You can easily manage your workflow

Management of the workflow is one of the considerable issues experienced by many clients in different projects. First of all, you have to comply with the distinct requirements of customers for each stage of a project’s workflow. For example, a customer sends you an inquiry about booking for a wedding photoshoot. The next process would involve payment by the customer after a thorough review of the options you send them. Basically, you will have to traverse through multiple stages in your work while dealing with various customers. Most important of all, a customizable scheduling workflow is highly important for ensuring flexibility for business. The customizable scheduling workflow could help in adapting different stages of a simple generic workflow according to the requirements of various sectors. For example, starting from the booking, payment, and notifications to the possible steps of cancellation, effective workflow management can introduce ease in all operations. Well, all such tasks can be easily documented in the workflow, and then you can use it multiple times. A photo studio scheduling software enables you to do that.

2. Easy online self-scheduling

To earn the clients’ loyalty and trust, you need to step aside from the spotlight. For example, the customers who are looking out for a photography studio will want to select a photographer who can capture all the important moments of the party. By providing complete autonomy to the customer in a booking appointment, you can increase your business. Using the software, you will be able to show your price list, available dates, and terms and conditions for booking. There is no need to spend hours on phone calls for booking and explain the same things to different clients.

3. Great marketing tool

Apart from all these benefits, the best thing that online scheduling software can do for your Photography studios to create some urgency. With this, you can let your clients know to check your availability, and they can make the immediate decision to book your right now. Besides, you can link the scheduling software to your studio’s different social media platforms. This will let the customers book the photo session directly from your social media pages. In addition, you can also send post-event notifications with Sagenda. The post-event notification could be as simple as an email, which expresses your gratitude for the customer. Furthermore, you can also have a ‘coupon code’ attached in the email for providing discounts on their next booking. As a result, you can present an attractive opportunity for your customers to return back to you again and again.

4. You can track your projects

With a popular photo studio scheduling software, you can easily keep track of a project or multiple projects. On the dashboard, you can see all your active jobs and their progress. This way, you can make sure that all your clients are being taken care of effectively.
So, use the software, and you can easily manage your studio and clients with ease.

Driving School Lesson Scheduling

Driving School Lesson Scheduling

Driving School Lesson Scheduling

The market is getting more competitive with time, and in such a situation, perfect driving lessons or driving booking systems create a huge difference between your driving school’s success and failure. The number of driving schools is increasing rapidly, and staying on the top; you need to keep your customer happy with better services.

It has been proved that driving institutes that can’t offer easy driving lessons booking can fail to attract more customers. Besides, those who are not offering an online booking form can face increasing administrative works. For example, your employees will remain busy taking calls, maintaining payments, and scheduling the instructors. But by automatic all these manual tasks, you can easily boost the productivity, and this is where a professional driving school scheduling software comes to play.

Benefits of using driving school scheduling software

1. Effective student scheduling

One of the most challenging tasks that every driving school deals with is resource management and student & staff scheduling. You will get confused to see who is busy and who is free. On the other hand, manually keeping track of working hours and maintaining printing schedules can lead to inefficiency. But driving booking software can help you in eliminating all such tasks. One can easily book and driving appoint with a few clicks. There will be no conflict between students and instructors.

2. Can be used through mobile phones

For all most all the younger people, mobile is the best source to get access to all the information. So, looking at this, it is quite important for all the driving schools to have a mobile-friendly online booking system. It the booking form is designed improperly for the small screens; the users’ number will decrease dramatically. But the best driving lesson booking software is well responsive to mobile devices. That means when the software detects the form is being opened through a phone, it will adjust it accordingly.

3. Useful calendar feature and agenda view

The most important feature of the online booking system is the calendar. This feature lets you easily edit, cancel, or schedule the driving lessons. Some other useful features of the calendar are calendar filters, push notifications, lesson booking, concurrent event management, and more. Go on and take advantage of this unique opportunity. In addition, you can also find the Agenda view of tasks that presents various impending tasks in the form of a list.

4. Automates the receipt of online payments

There is no doubt that creating payroll and invoicing can take a huge time. You can’t prepare and send hundreds of bills in just one hour. However, by choosing an online booking system, you can pull out all the required information from the calendar and can make payments with a few clicks. At the time of booking, clients can make the payment without the need for us to send invoices. Besides, there will be no error.

5. Easy rescheduling of appointment

The software comes with an easy cancellation option that can enable you to reschedule the previous appointment with the available instructor. Besides, you can create a new appointment with other driving lessons instructors. Fix the date and time by checking the availability.
So, when you have perfect online scheduling software, there is nothing to worry about your scheduling issues.

WordPress Roadmap: What Users Can Expect in 2020-2021

WordPress Roadmap: What Users Can Expect in 2020-2021

WordPress Roadmap: What Users Can Expect in 2020-2021

While 2019 was the fabulous release year of Gutenberg, the new WordPress editing project, what does this popular CMS have in store for us? In fact, WordPress developed its own embedded editor in 2019 putting to shame well-known editors such as DIVI, Elementor or Avada. Moving forward, what are the future developments pushed by Automattic Inc. – the editing company behind WordPress?


The Gutenberg Editing Experience – Work in Progress

Indeed, the Gutenberg editor is a complex project that goes beyond one single version. As the main WordPress editor, Gutenberg will most likely experience several updates in its subsequent versions. Here’s what we already know about planned features:

  • A new block directory is underway similar to plugin and theme directories for discovering new blocks.
  • It will be possible to build new blocks for navigation menus and widgets.
  • Improved theme integration using the block editor will also be available.
  • A simplified version will enable collaboration on co-authored content projects.


Automatic Updates

In 2020, updates will be automatic with Automattic Inc. (pun intended). Only minor updates were automatic up until WordPress version 5.4 (i.e. the 3rd digit of version 5.4.X); however, subsequent major WordPress versions might also benefit from automatic updates. But there’s a lot more to come! Plugins and themes will also be automatically updated. Don’t worry, your consent will be asked in parameter settings.


Language and Translation

A roadmap to improve and streamline multilingual website editing has been developed, particularly concerning block editing. Is WordPress expected to embed a comprehensive translation system and give up plugins like Polylang or WPML? Or will users just enjoy a set of basic translation features? Time will tell.

I hope that the WordPress roadmap will be as interesting as it is currently; therefore, the entire team editing the Sagenda booking system is looking forward to test upcoming features.


Adding a scheduling system to your SPA’s website increase your occupancy rate

Adding a scheduling system to your SPA’s website increase your occupancy rate

Adding a scheduling system to your SPA’s website increase your occupancy rate

New spa and wellness centers are now coming up every day, and the competition among the spa owners is also rising. They are now competing to increase their occupancy rate. In such a case, a perfect scheduling system like Sagenda scheduling system has emerged as the best option for them. It is quite important for every spa owner to manage their customers in the best possible way and offer an easy way to book the services. A scheduling system is a revolutionary tool that helps you to automate a lot of tasks, increasing your spa’s occupancy rate. Now, let’s have a look at how adding a scheduling system to your business website can help you.

1. Automation of the business
It has been observed that almost all the businesses are now using various automaton software to improve performance, lower the human dependency level, reduce the mistakes made by staff, increase the profits and more. Spa businesses are also shifting toward this. By implementing a scheduling system, can easily automate various activities.

It lets you show the beauty products and services availability, time and staff slots, costs, and more to your customers. By adding the system to your site, you can enable them to book their appointment online with a few clicks. Both the customers and wellness business will be notified through SMS and email about transactions, booked appointments, service and more. You will be able to serve a huge number of your clients without affecting the service quality.

2. Showing the utilization of advanced technology
People generally click away from a site when they found it unclear and confusing. How about, offering your customers a well-designed agenda to book an appointment? When it comes to increasing your occupancy rate, it is important to follow the latest technological trend and show off the treatment that your spa offers. When you use leading-edge technology, it will make your spa appear modern as well as driven. The visitors can schedule the appointment online.

3. Makes you available for 24×7
Well, it is true that some clients may not be able to contact you to book their appointment during your spa’s opening hours. They may prefer to call you at night for booking, which is not possible. You need to offer them something through which they can book the appointed whenever they want. A proper scheduling system does that for. By integrating such a system to your website, you can enable the book now option, and they can book your services in the middle of the night. This makes your sell your services 24×7 hours.

4. Enhanced profitability
The major thing is, having the best scheduling system in the place will greatly increase the profitability level. The reason is the customers will get a faster and easy bookings solution, and this, in turn, will increase the customer satisfaction level. You will generate more money for growth.

These are a few ways how a scheduling tool can help in increasing the occupancy rate and growth speed. So, go on and install it now.