New Year, New API Documentation for Sagenda

New Year, New API Documentation for Sagenda

New Year, New API Documentation for Sagenda

A high-quality technical documentation ensures an optimized customer satisfaction. This is why the New Year is also the best time for good resolutions: our Sagenda API has already set its goals and built strength for 2020. Here are the key changes:

Beefed-Up Settings

When is your agenda due to start? Would you like to display the daily calendar and hide the monthly calendar? You have already defined these settings in your Sagenda account so you may now have access to plenty of settings using the API.

Booked events

Recently, the Sagenda API allowed access to the list of free events so users could book, cancel or block any of them. Now, you may have also the list of information concerning existing bookings. Thus, you may automate (import/export/synchronize) bookings using your various business applications and Sagenda.

Updated Documentation

A car without wheels doesn’t get you anywhere. Providing a clear explanation, a detailed documentation and a testing sandbox is as important as ever for an API. Therefore, we have replaced the former Sagenda documentation with a new version readily available from the PostMan platform:

Are you a developer interested in Sagenda or have some API questions? Feel free to drop up a line.