Special Offer for Sagenda Users in Mexico

Special Offer for Sagenda Users in Mexico

While some men build too many walls and not enough bridges,
Sagenda kicks-off this year with a special offer for its Mexican users.


We’re stunned and saddened by the way Mexican people are isolated by the Trump administration seeking to separate itself from this country.

Sagenda decided to do just the opposite: in addition to the Sagenda account which is free for all, we are offering Mexican users the advanced email module. Worth a staggering $249.99, this module allows you to access the entire set of advanced notification settings as if you had your own notification server. For example, you may change the text of all your notification emails, but also customize the email address of the sender!

To enjoy this free offer, your Sagenda account as well as notification email must be always managed from an email domain address ending in .mx

You may open your free account at the following link: https://sagenda.net/Accounts/Login

Go to Settings / Account Settings / Culture to select the Spanish culture and language.

Please contact Support to activate it.

Your Sagenda Team