Multiple Booking Is Now Available on Sagenda

Multiple Booking Is Now Available on Sagenda

Want to improve customer retention? Then, get yourself a versatile booking calendar! Sagenda is happy to announce our community of users that multiple booking is now available directly on our booking system. Multibooking is the latest feature implemented by our team of developers in order to ease the booking process and decrease transaction times on user’s end.

Multiple Booking In One Go

Multiple booking is a Sagenda feature enabling users to book multiple appointments or services via our online reservation software in one single operation. Users can book multiple appointments in one go and pay immediately! No need to open multiple transactions for the same service. Suppose you’re a regular winter customer at your favorite ski lodge. Customers are now able to book their room, rent in advance their ski equipment and book multiple spa sessions – all in one booking. Avoid holiday confusion and save time on arrival!

Improved Customer Retention

For e-commerce businesses targeting regular clients, multiple booking is a crucial requirement of any booking system. Whether Sagenda is used as a WordPress or Drupal plugin or simply embedded into your existing website, you want your booking system to cater for all tastes. Customer retention is easier to achieve when people spend less time doing transactions and more enjoying your service. And this is one of the main reasons business owners must anticipate customer behavior and improve their booking system. By allowing multibooking, Sagenda takes customer service to the next level: streamlined booking operations and improved user experience.

New WordPress Version Supports Multiple Booking and PayPal

You’ve asked and we’ve listened! Our developers are currently working a new WordPress version which integrates both multibooking and PayPal payments. The new plugin version will be shortly released in order to improve productivity and time management. Your continued feedback helps us constantly update our service which is why we’re encouraging you to try the multibooking feature and keep abreast of new developments!